Hello, my name is Calle Ahldén and I'm a football freestyler from Täby which is situated in the northern part of Stockholm. I am 19 years old and just took the graduation from my school, Täby Enskilda Gymnasium. The first time I came in contact with the sport of football freestyle was in the summer of 2008. However, I did not start to practice properly for another six months. Since then I have spent hundreds of hours kicking my football.

During my time as a freestyler, I have not only been practicing by my self. I have also done a dozen of performances around Stockholm. These performances have been everything from street performances to choreographed shows for companies. In addition to this I have also been performing on special days, events and similar. I have also been involved in some international tournaments overseas and on the internet. Such as The World Football Freestyle Championships in Prague in the summer of 2013 and 2014. To get a larger and more detailed view of what I have done, you can take a look in the flap called previous job.

Apart from football freestyle, I have also got a huge interest in video editing, cinematography and music.

Previous collaborations

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